Breaking Labels

Growing up I always had some kind of label placed upon my life. These were not always bad, but often drastically defined the way I viewed myself throughout my life. Whether it was “ Britanee, you are selfish” or, “Britanee, you are ugly.” The world didn’t take into account how they are shaping this person and how this person views themselves. Allowing that person to stay in the box you have just placed them in is allowing it to become self-prophetic. Not only did you just declare that upon someone’s life but now that person is believing that and proclaiming that over their own life.

Let’s assume that you who are reading this right now have a negative label over your life right now. This may be from society or from yourself, how do we deal with those labels? I know you are all thinking “well Britanee it isn’t that simple you just don’t ‘deal’ with them.” I agree, It is not simple in any way. We need to sit down and evaluate our lives and maybe make a list and think about the label over your life.


Got them yet?


Now pray and pray for a while ask God how he is viewing you. Ask him to show you the way he made you. Even to reveal to you the truth about how you view yourself. This is the first step I missed when overcoming a lot of the labels I was believing in my own life. I didn’t take them to God I was turning to other people, the church, and books about labels. Once you have taken the time to pray about it and hear what God has to say about those things it’s time to start believing them. Sometimes as humans it is in our nature to want more security in what God is saying. Thankfully, God knows us so well he is so gracious and patient with us. He left us his true and living word. See what God’s truth has to say about the lies that are in your head. When you seek the truth you find it and the truth sets you free. That is something God promises to us. One of my biggest prayers when I was struggling with this was, “God show me how you view me and show me the person you have created me to be.”  


Psalms 139:13

“For you have formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mothers womb.”

Lets think about this. God FORMED us. He didn’t just place us in the womb. I like to think about the process of making pottery. You have to be gentle with the clay you are working with. It takes a lot of patience and a very delicate hand. God knitted us in our mother’s womb. He spent time creating us. He was patient. A pregnancy will last 9 months and not 1 day. God cares about us so much that he spent 9 months working on us in our mother’s womb. The detail in our body, the way that your left ear is a little higher placed than your right ear, the mole that sits right above the one dimple you have on your cheek. The point i’m making is that God spent so much time creating us. So much time working on our hearts and the way we look. Are you going to believe that label that tells you that you are stupid and ugly? No, because you are no accident. God made you for a purpose and we aren’t going to believe that we worship a God that made us ugly, stupid, or selfish. We worship a God who created the world around you, the air you breathe, and the mountains peeking behind a foggy cloud. Why can’t you believe that God made you special and unique and did not place a label on you?
It is time to escape the box the world has placed you in, the space you feel confined to, and the lie that you are believing. You my dear are capable and worthy. You are special and have a purpose for this world. Seek out your identity in Christ and start believing the truths instead of the lies and the labels.


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