I’m fine, it’s great, everything is great.


What is your life motto?

Lately these words have been mine. Life can be overwhelming and by the end of the day you are tired and emotionally exhausted. Little things may start to annoy you and you may be quick to anger. I have been so busy trying to keep my life together and make sure I am organized. I always make sure I have my week planned and I know exactly what I am doing. I love to be in control of everything and know what is happening. God has quickly been teaching me I am never in control, and it is probably best that I am not. This past week has not been anything I planned on it being. So many things that I did not have planned came up and things that I didn’t want to happen, happened. I think that is what life’s about. You plan on something and the opposite happens, tragedy happens, boys distract you, and people you love get sick. Before you know it your life is not going how you wanted it to. A while ago I developed this habit of sarcastically saying, “I am fine, It’s great, and everything is just great” when things don’t go my way.

It was a hard time and life was really tough for a while. My niece had been taken away from us, my grandma had gotten sick, and my church was going through a really difficult time. The more bad things that seemed to happen, the more I said my motto. The more that I said it, the more it became my truth. It became encouraging. Instead of saying it out of sarcasm I began saying it as reality. Even though life had been kicking my butt…it was still good. I have a mom who loves me, siblings who are there for me, a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and friends who are uplifting.

I AM fine. Life IS great. It may be hard but…God IS good. God IS there.

I think God was trying to teach me that he is and always will be in control of my life through all of these trials. I think God was helping me realize that his plans for my life are far greater than I could ever imagine. He was helping me realize that even when I want to control everything…I can’t because he already laid out a plan for every situation.

When life gets hard you should think of something that can encourage you in the moment. This should be something to help you remember that even though life may be hard right now, God still loves you and he still has a plan for your life. For me it is saying, “You know what? Everything that is happening right now sucks. But… I am fine, it is great, and everything will be fine.”


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