Going through trials part 3

Going through trials part 3

So, what is the point of all of this? Reflecting back on the verse I shared earlier, “Count it all joy, My brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds for you know the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.” James 1: 2-3. The word in this verse that stood out to me was the word “testing.” I think a lot of people overlook the depth of this verse. Let us think for a moment about what it looks like when a goldsmith is testing gold to see if it is pure. Think about if there could be a way to make the gold become pure if it is not. The goldsmith may take a piece of gold and put it in a very hot flame, see all of the impurities rise to the top, and then scrap off the top layer of imperfection. This process could have to be done several times and the goldsmith will do this as many times as he needs to. He will continue until he knows that the gold is 100% pure. He knows this for sure when he takes it out of the flame and sees his reflection staring back.

This moment everything clicked as I made such an intimate connection with God and who he is. So long ago I was sitting in the prayer room asking God to show me more and give me more. I wanted this to happen above all else! All of this was when God blew my mind and left me in wonder.

When we think back on everything that Job had to go through and what Satan was doing to him, it hurts. I know that when things go wrong in my own life I feel as if the enemy has a strong grip on me. It seems that I am the first to question God just like Job had. I immediately want to know why. I want to know what I did to deserve this. I had felt so distant from God for so long and all I wanted was to hear from him and ask why all these things were happening as they had to Job.

One more point I want to talk about is the spiritual world for a brief moment. Do we ever stop for a second and think about it? I know I hadn’t been, but once you do it seem that you can’t even begin to understand it. God is real and God is so powerful. In Job 38, the verse I previously shared, God tells job “where were you when I created the earth? Tell me since you know so much! Who decided on its size?” When we stop and think about the spiritual world we come to realize that we can’t! God created EVERYTHING! Everything.. The things that we take for granted everyday. He created the people, mountains, the sky, and the solid ground we walk on. We as humans always talk about how awful this world is everyday. Is it really though? God tells us how much greater heaven is, but do we truly understand that? No, we don’t. Look around you.. God is in everything and he brings water to unvisited fields!! Why does he do all of this?


Understanding this helped me come to the point I am at now. Words can’t explain what God is doing in my heart.

God wasn’t letting Satan have Job because he did something wrong and sinned against God. God wasn’t ever trying to punish Job. He loved him. Job was always faithful. God only wanted to “test” his faith and see how pure his faith was. God put him through the fire just like the goldsmith puts the gold through the fire. God wanted to scrape away all of Job’s imperfections so his faith would become 100% pure. God says to Job in 38, “tell me since you know so much.” God explains to job that he is over everything. As a christian I tell myself that I have faith, but do I even know what faith is? I often get to this point of awe and wonder of God and who he is when I find him in all the marvelous things he does on this earth. But how can I be in awe and wonder of him when it seems God is testing my faith?! Let me put that into another perspective. We trust God every morning to tell the sun to rise. Why can’t we trust God when God tells us to walk through a fire knowing that he will bring us out of this flame and we will see more of him in ourselves?
When we stop to evaluate life and how much God does everyday because HE loves his creation, we start to have a different understanding of who God is. We can begin rejoicing in times of trouble because The God that took charge of the ocean when it gushed forth like a baby from the womb. The God that wrapped it in soft clouds and tucked it in safely at night. The God that made a playpen for it, a STRONG playpen so it couldn’t run loose. The God who then said “stay here, this is your place your wild tantrums are confined to this place.” THIS.. this, is the same God we lose faith in when life gets hard.



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