Going through trials part 2

Going through trials part 2

….. We ended the night on the steps of the capitol building. I was sitting there thinking about the night and still confused as to why I was meant to read the book of Job. When I left I decided to sleep on it and immediately went to bed. I woke up the following morning and got right to it and began reading. I sat on the couch for a solid three hours journaling and completely overwhelmed with what this book was discussing.

The book of Job tells the story of when God and Satan have an encounter. God asked Satan “Have you seen my friend Job? He is a good and faithful servant.” Satan tells God he is only so because God’s blessing hand is on him. Satan says that if he takes his hand off him he will curse him to his face. God then states that Satan can do what he wants with him, Job will still never curse him. Satan goes to Job and takes all his wealth and everything God had blessed him with. Regardless, Job continues to worship God and know that he giveth and taketh away. God and satan have another interaction where God asks Satan if he has seen his friend Job, he who has not sinned nor cursed him and still has his integrity. Satan tells God that this is because he still has his health. If God were to take that away he would curse him to his face. God tells him again to do what he want, but don’t kill him. Satan leaves and strikes Job will sores and takes away his good health. Later in the book, Job has three friends come to visit him. These three friends talk to Job and say he must have sinned because God doesn’t take everything away for no reason. Job fights with his friends and tells them that he didn’t sin. The story continues for several chapters filled with their fighting. As I was reading this book I was started to feel defeated because it all seemed like nonsense. Then as I reached the end it all came together. As the book is nearly over, Job gets extremely upset because he doesn’t understand why God had been doing these things. He gets to a point where he says that he only wants to talk to God. He asks God to hear from him so he can learn why he did this. God finally confronts Job and lays into him. In chapter 38 God asks him why he talks without knowing what he is talking about. I won’t spoil the rest of that chapter for you because it is so good you have to read it for yourself. Take the time to go and meditate on it. In this chapter the point I want to focus on is how we only see a glimmer of who God is. We can’t begin to even understand what God is capable of, what he can do, and what he does everyday! This chapter sums up perfectly all of the things we take for granted and don’t even consider. There are things that happen in the spiritual world that we can’t even imagine. God is doing so many things everyday and in every moment of our lives. These are things we can’t even begin to comprehend. He was basically asking Job if he has any faith in him. Job is so stuck on why God is putting him through this trial and he is wanting answers from God. He should have faith in not knowing why God is putting him through this.

The God we worship is so big. When we really put into perspective of how much God does, you can’t help but to be in awe of him. Job 38: 22-30 “Have you ever traveled where snow is made seen the vault where hail is stockpiled the arsenals of hail and snow that i keep in readiness for times of trouble and battle and war? Can you find your way to where lightning is launched or to the place from which the wind blows? Who do you suppose carves canyons from downpours of rain and charts the route of thunderstorms that brings water to unvisited fields deserts no one ever lays eyes on drenching the useless wastelands so they are carpeted with flowers and grass and who do you think is the father of rain and dew the mother of ice and frost you don’t for a minute imagine these marvels of weather just happen do you?” Take a second and breathe that verse in. How can we question God and ask why he lets bad things happen to us? Do we have that little faith in him?


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